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Washing Instructions

All of our jumpsuits can washed by hand or by machine if you have a newer washing machine with a hand wash or delicate cycle with a slow spin cycle.

Hand washing: fill a large tub with ice cold water and put 1/4 cup of liquid Tide in the water and mix. Let the suit soak for about 1/2 hour and then go over all the soiled spots on the jumpsuit with a soft brush (if need be you can use a bit of dish detergent on the badly soiled areas) drain the water out. Refill the tub with cold water and rinse. You may have to rinse the suit a second time. Transfer the jumpsuit into a washing machine and set the machine on the spin cycle. As soon as the machine finishes spinning take the suit out of the machine and hang it to air dry. To speed up the drying time you can put a fan on the floor infront of the jumpsuit.

Machine washing: Set the washing machine to cold water, delicate or hand wash cycle. Fill the washing machine with cold water. While the machine is filling treat any soiled areas on the jumpsuit with stain remover (Shout is recommended) and scrub with a soft brush. Then put 1/2 cup of liquid Tide (plus some fabric softener if wanted) in the washing machine and let it agitate for a minute. Place the jumpsuit in the machine and let it go through the cycle. It is not necessary to put the jumpsuit in a bag or turn it inside out. This will only inhibit the jumpsuit from getting clean. As soon as the washing machine is finished spinning out take the jumpsuit out of the machine and hang it on a heavy plastic hanger to air dry. You can use a fan to speed up the drying time.

Pressing: Do not use an iron on your jumpsuit!!!!!  Only use a hand held steamer that you can buy on line or at Walmart. Do not hold the steamer right against the suit, it will get too hot of the nailheads.  If you use a hot iron you will melt the glue on the back of the nail heads.

Only use Liquid Tide to wash your jumpsuit and I stress this to all of my customers. Any other detergent, especially the ones that are made for wool and diapers, will take the finish off of the nail heads. If the nail heads do start to tarnish you can polish them up with Carbona Silver cleaner. You will have to wash the suit immediately after you treat the nail heads.

Hints: It is very important that you never pack up your suits after a show unless they are completely dry. And don’t keep them stored in a plastic garment bag. Purchase a cloth gown bag to store your jumpsuits. When you are wearing your jumpsuit never use hair spray with out covering your shoulders.

Occasionally some of  the nail heads will fall off of your jumpsuit. If this happens soon after you receive your suit from our company we will be glad to replace the nail heads. We will do this up to 3 months after your purchase. After that we will have to charge you for the tune up.

Remember, dirt and sweat is your jumpsuits worse enemy. The cleaner you keep your jumpsuits the longer they will last.

Never, Never, Never have your jumpsuits dry cleaned!!!!!!!!! This is the best way to ruin your jumpsuit and they do not guarantee their work.